spirulina Crunchies®

highest quality spirulina on earth!

Love at First Bite! 

Experience our flagship product- the scrumptious, one & only, original, Spirulina Crunchies®...
surely it’ll be love at first bite.

These unique granules of crispy savory micro-algae are a truly delectable way to reap the
amazing health benefits of one of nature's purest, most concentrated green superfoods.

Spirulina Crunchies® are radically different than “conventional” spirulina-
customarily available in unsavory, messy, powders .

In contrast, our Grape-Nuts-like Spirulina Crunchies® are lip-snack-able, whether eaten by the handful, 
sprinkled on soups & salads, blended into juices & smoothies, mixed into your favorite recipes, 
or infused into chocolates and other raw treats. 

Spirulina Crunchies are 100% pure spirulina, unprocessed in any way- other than low temp dehydration.

Spirulina Crunchies
® are supremely nutritious & incomparably delicious!

What makes Spirulina Crunchies® so different from “conventional” Spirulina?

Its superior savory flavor vs. conventional spirulina's often unsavory, fishy taste ~
A totally fantastic, scrumptious crispy CRUNCH vs. a messy, ultra-fine powder ~

~  Its microscopic spiral structure remains in tact vs. destroyed when ground into powder ~

~  It is grown in extremely pristine high alkaline spring water vs the toxic putrid, polluted waters that the majority
of the spirulina in Asia & India are grown in (spirulina absorbs heavy metals & toxins from the water it grows)

~ It is hand cultivated & crafted on a small family farm vs. large-scale industrial facilities primarily
                                   in Asia & India where standards of hygiene & regulation are often sub-par ~

~ Its slow, low temp dehydration vs. extreme super-heating or low temp freeze-drying which can
adversely affect spirulina's nutrient and enzyme qualities, and even it's flavor ~

What exactly is Spirulina*?

Very simply, spirulina is one of nature's healthiest, most nutritious superfoods-
a pure, 100% natural, nutrient-dense, blue-green algae
packed with among the highest concentrations
[found in ANY single food source] of iron, complete, absorbable [plant based] protein,
amino acids (all 8 essential amino acids in the proper ratio! + 10 of 12 non essential),
chlorophyll, phychocyanin, antioxidants, & scores of vitamins & minerals.
Spirulina is a perfectly balanced power packed green whole food
containing over 100 synergistic nutrients easily assimilated by our bodies.   
Positioned at the bottom of the food chain it is a hearty "nutrient soup" able to nourish & sustain life.
Spirulina a "gift from the heavens" served as a significant food source of the African, Mayan, & Aztec peoples.

A Very Unique Variety:

Spirulina Crunchies® are a rare strain of Spirulina Plantensis, named "Titi," procured by our growers in 1995 
from Dr. Jaques Falquet, of Geneva, Switzerland, a Swiss Biochemical Scientist, who besides being one of the
progenitors of the spirulina movement, is notable for being instrumental in the development of antenna technology. 
Dr. Falquet is the author of "La Spiruline pour L'homme et la Planete" (Spirulina: for Mankind and the Planet).

It's Vibrant Spiral Structure is kept in tact*:

Spirulina forms helical, microscopic strands as it grows- this natural spiral shape was the inspiration for its name.
The "Titi" strain's small size (compared to most other varieties) together with our growers proprietary method of forming
the granules ensures the spirulina's
 spiral structure remains completely in tact until it is eaten- unlike powders & tablets.
This is live food at its very best.  Besides being raw, it's energetically whole & vibrant down to the microscopic level!

Health Benefits of Spirulina*:

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the renowned professor at Columbia University and a regular guest on Oprah, touts spirulina as 
one the most important anti-aging nutritional supplements in existence.  In addition to so much more, its high amounts 
of anti-oxidants and their anti-inflammatory effects play a crucial role in slowing down the aging process.  Spirulina is 
an optimum, unrivaled source of protein and a completely absorbable whole food vitamin and mineral supplement.  
It satisfies and quenches hunger because it fulfills the body’s nutritional & biochemical needs- and it does so naturally.  
It is low in sodium, fat, starches, and calories & serves to optimize vitality, endurance, strength & whole system health.
(without contributing to weight gain)

A Concentrated Source of so much that is essential to our optimal health and longevity*:  

Spirulina has among the very highest concentrations of protein found in any single food source; it is composed of
60-70% pure vegetable protein- and in a form that is easily digestible because it lacks hard cellular walls.  
It is extremely high in essential & trace minerals & is easily assimilated by our bodies- because the minerals are
chelated with amino acids.  Furthermore, s
pirulina is a complete protein source, containing not only all 8 essential
amino acids in the proper ratios, but all 18 amino acids in total.
  Spirulina contains 375% more protein than tofu-
without the adverse qualities of processed soy.  
1 gram of spirulina is 4 times more absorbable than a gram of meat;
and not only is it a much healthier source of protein for our bodies- it is much healthier for the earth as well.
is loaded with a vast, substantial, spectrum of natural antioxidants including: Beta Carotene, Riboflavin,
Mixed Carotenoids, Zeaxanthin, Chlorophyll, Phycocyanin & a slew of other phytonutrients.  It'
s among the very best sources of GLA (Gamma-Linolenic-Acid), an anti-inflammatory essential fatty acid necessary for a healthy nervous
system & effective in protecting our bodies against environmental pollution, stress,
and the sun’s harmful UV radiation- at a cellular level.

Spirulina has exceptionally high concentrations of*:
Iron:  (2300% more than spinach) which serves to deliver oxygen to cells throughout the body.
Beta Carotene:  (3900% more than carrots) providing a source of Vitamin A which your body cannot produce on its own.                               improve energy levels, promote good health during growth phases, & prevent anemia.
Vitamin K:  An essential nutrient that must be obtained from sources outside the body. 
Calcium(300% more than milk) Animal protein (milk) tends to leach calcium from bones.
Chlorophyll:  (The green pigment) A blood builder & purifier that supports liver & kidney functions to detoxify blood.   
                        Chlorophyll is deeply cleansing & alkalizing and like Phycocyanin...
Phycocyanin:  (The blue pigment) works like a magnet to help remove heavy metals & pollutants from our bodies.
                          Phycocyanin induces the production of more stem cells found in bone marrow.
RNA & DNA:  Nucleic Acids improve immunity, reduce infection and promote healing in the critically ill and prevent
and heal damage to stomach lining caused by anti-inflammatory drugs (like Aspirin).

Spirulina is Ethical, Responsible Nutrition*:

Not only is spirulina easy to grow- growing it takes less space per cubic centimeter than any other known
crop yielding such an enormous amount of nutrition.  Acre for acre, it produces 20 times more protein than soy,
40 times more protein than corn and 400 times more protein than beef-
while requiring only 1/10 of the water needed for beef production. 
Spirulina is also an ideal food to feed a starving world and has been used in third world countries to relieve hunger
with great effectiveness because it's inexpensive to produce locally, is nutritionally compact, & it has a long shelf life. 
Nourishing ourselves with efficient, ethical food can be more
environmentally beneficial than driving a hybrid car!  
Our food choices make a meaningful, vital difference not just to our bodies- but to our precious planet.

Pure Growing Conditions*:

Spirulina Crunchies® benefit from an ideal year-round climate and optimum growing conditions 
found few other places in the world.  The live algae is cultivated in small pristine pools of water
supplied by a deep well on the farm which releases pure alkaline water originating from the 
volcanic walls of 
an active volcano currently in a period of relative calm.  In this meticulously maintained cultivation system, 
the pools are regularly cleaned using [only] fresh water and remain covered "green house style" to diminish
sullying the pools & algae from dust & rain, resulting in a mere 16,000 ppm of bacteria (up to 100,000 ppm of bacteria
is permissible by International Spirulina Farming Standards). Furthermore, due to it’s secluded rural location, the farm’s surroundings are free of pesticides & other environmental contaminants.  
Absolutely no artificial chemicals, additives
or preservatives are used at any time in either the production process or anywhere else on the 12 acre farm.

The Drying Process*:

Leading brands of spirulina predominantly use a flash heat or flash freeze-drying process that plummets the
temperature below 0F.  Unfortunately, these methods 
adversely affects the nutrient value of "live, raw" foods.
In order to preserve the vital nutrients and keep bacteria at safe levels, Spirulina Crunchies
® are slowly and carefully
dehydrated at lower than normal temperatures for about 5-7 hours.
Due to the high moisture content that remains
present in the algae for the majority of the drying time, Spirulina Crunchies
® remain vital, enzymatically active and
nutrient dense.  The curing method takes into consideration drying time, heat, humidity, and the algae’s moisture
saturation levels to ensure Spirulina Crunchies
® remain crispy, vital, healthy and vibrant as can be.

Beyond Certified Organic*:

The permissibility of hydroponics in organic agriculture is a source of on-going debate...
At the core of the hydroponic question is the lack of microbial activity.  Conventional hydroponics rely on special
formulations of soluble fertilizers similar to those used on field crops.  Most so-called organic hydroponic operations choose from an extensive list of concentrated nutrient solutions approved for organic production.  The goal with either method is to keep the production space largely sterile.  The lack of bacteria, fungi & other soil organisms contradict
what many believe to be the core values of organic farming.  If intense biological soil activity is said to be the cornerstone of organic farming, how can a production system thatprides itself on being sterile fall under the same umbrella?  

Spirulina Crunchies® are grown naturally, without the use of pesticides or herbicides, contain no GMOs
(Genetically Modified Organisms), and are never processed with any synthetic chemicals.  
Other brands of “organic” spirulina have been consistently tested to reveal a much higher concentration of
pesticides and heavy metals than that of non-organic spirulina. 

Even if a spirulina farm is certified organic- the neighboring farm may not be- aerial sprayed 
pesticides can easily make their way into the neighboring spirulina ponds- 
the final product is often not tested for toxicity- it is deemed & labeled "CERTIFIED ORGANIC"
yet may contain pesticides & heavy metals & be far more harmful to ingest than non-organic produce.

Spirulina Crunchies® are regularly tested in esteemed laboratories in both Europe & the U.S.
to be completely free of any pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, pollutants or toxins of any kind.

Spirulina Crunchies®
 are fertilized using only pure, natural Saltpeter (KNO3) from a mine in Chile. 

Besides Saltpeter, they receive [only] NATURAL SPRING WATER, SUNLIGHT, & LOVE.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Spirulina Crunchies® are 100% pure.

100% Pure Spirulina Granules:
100% free of fillers, stabilizers, additives or preservatives.
Spirulina Crunchies® & tablets require no refrigeration.
Properly stored (kept arid) their shelf life is 5+ years.

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